We believe that every meal should be a feast created with the finest ingredients, presented with equal finesse.  Choose any dishes from our menu or allow us to prepare a feast for you.  Vegetarians have an ample variety of non-meat dishes to choose from.  Please consult our staff for suggestions and assistance.




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Sun Lik Beer premium Chinese lager has a new look draught font thanks to a redesign by speciality brewer Shepherd Neame.The lager has been brewed under license from the San Miguel Brewery, Hong Kong Limited by Britain?s oldest brewer since 1997 and currently enjoys distribution into over 500 Chinese restaurants across the UK.Brewed according to its original oriental recipe, Sun Lik Beer blends hops and malt with natural, chalk-filtered mineral water. Rice is also added to Sun Lik Beer, to give it a refreshing and unmistakably oriental taste.