Coconut Paradise £3.50
Real half coconut shell filled with delicious creamy coconut ice cream
Punky Toy £3.00
Creamy vanilla ice cream in an attractive colourful plastic toy
Lemon Or Orange Delight £3.00
Scooped whole orange or lemon refilled with tangy sorbet.
Chocolate Mousse £3.50
Chocolate ice cream mousse topped with chocolate & cream.
Fantastica £3.50
Crisp chocolate base, layered with dairy vanilla & caramel ice cream, with a delicious caramel sauce dusted with chocolate biscuit.
Funky Pie £3.50
Crunchy biscuit crumb cup filled with the creamy vanilla ice cream & topped with toffee sauce & hazelnuts.
Coppa Creama £3.50

 Rich strawberry & cream flavoured ice cream topped with real fruit served in a glass.

 Choco Mint £3.50
 Mint flavoured ice cream mixed with milky chocolate pieces topped with attractive decoration.








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Sun Lik Beer premium Chinese lager has a new look draught font thanks to a redesign by speciality brewer Shepherd Neame.The lager has been brewed under license from the San Miguel Brewery, Hong Kong Limited by Britain’s oldest brewer since 1997 and currently enjoys distribution into over 500 Chinese restaurants across the UK.Brewed according to its original oriental recipe, Sun Lik Beer blends hops and malt with natural, chalk-filtered mineral water. Rice is also added to Sun Lik Beer, to give it a refreshing and unmistakably oriental taste.